The Florida Fishing Network is Dedicated to the Greatest Sport on Earth, located in the Greatest state in the United States…Fishing in Florida!

The industry of Fishing in Florida is with no doubt one of the most important to its economy; some would say maybe the most important. Why the economic numbers show the theme parks clearly are our top financial vehicle in Florida’s tourism bait bucket, many believe the State of Florida would and could survive without this transit theme park industry…hypothetically speaking of course. In a reverse scenario many believe Florida’s economy could not sustain itself without its fishing and boating industry.

The sure devastation would impact corporate giants like Bass Pro Shops, Dick’s Sporting and others as well as the coastal marinas, tackle shops and industry manufactures from the basic lure company to equipment distributors, boat manufactures and the outdoor apparel industry. This does not even begin to include the millions of consumables like fuel and food or tremendous hit to hotel industry and local small local business owners.

On a state level, ours states economy relies on that valuable tax income from the subsidies of our industry.  These few examples are simply the obvious, it’s the trickle down impact of this coast to coast, and statewide industry that would be like a virus taking us down your computer from the inside out.

Why these views are opinions, they should not be taken out of context. It’s our view of the Florida Fishing Network that they do state the importance of our beloved industry.

As lovers of the industry we ask, is there anything in life that feels as delightful and honest as a simple day of going boating and/or fishing? Well, we don’t think so…in fact, most people walk on cloud nine right before going fishing! The anticipation, the dreams run wild because all dreams are possible in Florida. You emotions are real, even if just for just a minute. You’ve just made the conscious decision to go boating and possibly forever changed the coarse of your life.  You or your family will relive this experience for the rest of their lives. It’s a fact, millions of life’s have been changed forever because of moments on the water. Lifelong memories become reality while engaging in a boating/fishing experience with friends, family and love ones.

The Florida Fishing Network is mesmerized and engrossed with maintaining future memories of fishing through it’s Network. We are always actively engaging in youth and family friendly programs, partnering with companies in and out of the industry, while providing services for profit and not-for-profit organizations to promote the use of the great Florida resources. Florida Fishing Network not only supports the industry, but is always actively seeking others to help expose this economic giant. We all need to continue to expose the value of the great resources in Florida, politically there are no higher powers then economic impact.